Coding Qualitative Data

This overview only contains the instructions to code qualitative data as informative about a construct. You can click a Unique Construct Identifier (UCID) to view the definition and all instructions for a construct, or check the full overview at for a table with the construct definitions and all instructions.
Construct label and identifier Instructions to code qualitative data as informative about a construct
Perceived power of condition (autonomy_conditionPower_73dnt5zs)
Perceived presence of condition (autonomy_conditionPresence_73dnt5zr)
Perceived subskill importance (capacity_subskillImportance_73dnt5zz)
Perceived subskill presence (capacity_subskillPresence_73dnt5zy)
Experiential attitude belief evaluation (expAttitude_evaluation_73dnt5z2)
Experiential attitude belief expectation (expAttitude_expectation_73dnt5z1)
Instrumental attitude belief evaluation (instrAttitude_evaluation_73dnt5z7)
Instrumental attitude belief expectation (instrAttitude_expectation_73dnt5z6)
Motivation to comply (motivationToComply_73dnt5zf)
Perceived referent approval (referentApproval_73dnt5zd)
Perceived referent behavior (referentBehavior_73dnt5zk)
Identification with referent (referentIdentification_73dnt5zl)