Chapter 20 Interacting with Git in RStudio

RStudio (from version 1.1) comes with a Terminal that allows you to interact directly with Git Bash (see Section 11.1). For details about the Terminal, see the RStudio website.

The Terminal is normally located in the bottom-left pane, in a tab to the right of the Console tab.

20.1 Setting your username and email address

To set your username and email address, open the Terminal and type the following commands:

git config --global 'Your Name'
git config --global 'Your Email @ Address'

The email address has to be the email address associated your account at whichever service you will be pushing to (if you use this book, probably GitLab).

To check who is configured, type:

git config --global list

The first time you’ll ask Git to do something that requires it to authenthicate with the Git server hosting the remote repository, Git will ask for your password. Usually, Git will store this in its credential manager, or the one provided by your operating system, so you’ll only have to provide it once.